The Clotpro is a cup & pin viscoelastic testing device developed on the same principles as traditional thromboelastometry (ROTEM) and as such the parameters and results are familiar to users who have been trained to utilise ROTEM.

Innovations which differ from traditional ROTEM include:

Active tip cartridges containing lyophilised room temperature reagents – eliminating the need for complicated reagent handling. This also allows individual test selection without needing to run 4 tests in a large cartridge.

In addition to the standard tests available in traditional thromboelastometry (ROTEM) the Clotpro has in addition new tests for anticoagulants (ECA – test, RVV – Test) and fibrinolysis resistance (TPA – test).


Clotpro is sold in Australia through Haemoview and I can thoroughly recommend their comprehensive educational course which is available through their website below:

Haemoview Diagnostics | Targeted Haemostasis | Australia