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066 – HELLP Syndrome a discussion with Graeme.

A 28 yr old woman at 36/40 G2P1 presents with a few days history of mild headache, nausea, anorexia, and some upper right abdominal pain. You do some observations and […]

065 – Reflections on COVID and implications in our obstetric unit with Matt Rucklidge.

Join Matt and I as we discuss some of the issues we have been grappling with in our planning for how to manage obstetric patients suspected of or known to […]

064 – Can you die from vomiting in pregnancy – hyperemesis gravidarum more than just morning sickness

(*Hypothetical Case) A woman is brought into your emergency dept by her husband at 14 weeks gestation. He tells you that she has been “really sick” for almost two months […]

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