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019 – Amniotic Fluid Embolism – a case discussion with Assoc Prof Nolan McDonnell

Hi Everyone, This week we have a friend and colleague on the podcast, Assoc Prof Nolan McDonnell where he discusses a challenging case of amniotic fluid embolism which he was […]

018 – Management of the obstetric patient for whom transfusion is not an option

(*Hypothetical Case) You are an obstetrician (or anaesthetist) and you work in a peripheral hospital in a metropolitan city. You are not on call but despite this you get woken […]

017 – Prof Yee Leung Obstetric and surgical management of abnormally invasive placenta

Hi everyone, Thanks for joining us again, this week I am joined by my colleague Prof Yee Leung, Head of Gynaecological Oncology in Western Australia, to discuss the obstetric and […]

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