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043 – Anaphylaxis discussion part 1 with Chong

Hi everyone! Better late than never. This week Chong and I have finally got around to our discussion on anaphylaxis. What are the common causes of anaphylaxis? How is the […]

042 – Great case discussed – perioperative anaphylaxis

Hi everyone, Anaphylaxis is an unpredictable scary life-threatening condition which unfortunately is more common than we would like. If you work in healthcare chances are you will have seen this […]

041 – Obstetric cell salvage an update, what only one suction, no filter and more with Dr Matt Rucklidge

Hi everyone, Welcome to part 2 of our series on cell salvage in obstetrics and gynaecology! Last week we had a great discussion on the basics of cell salvage and […]

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