Education Presentations

Below are links to recorded presentations given on a range of topics which may be of interest. We would like to thank the presenters who have kindly agreed to allow these presentations to be made available in this format so that those of us who were unable to attend are also able to gain benefit from these educational and thought provoking talks.


These presentations are provided for the educational benefit of healthcare providers, they represent the individual views of the presenters only and do not necessarily represent the policy / views or guidelines of any specific institution. These talks are provided for education only, do not constitute individual or institutional medical advice and should not be used in this manner.


Viscoelastic testing the past and the future Dec 2023

Operating room fires Han Lu August 2023

Malignant Hyperthermia – Dr Philip Nelson April 2022

Twin to twin transfusion syndrome – Dr Scott White March 2022

Tips for improving your presentations – Roger Browning Mar 2022

A guide to recycling in theatre – Lina Galluzzi from SUEZ Nov 2020

Wearable activity technology in survivors of endometrial and colorectal cancer – Dr Paul Cohen

Management of acute right heart syndromes and pulmonary embolus – Dr Roger Browning 2020

Heroes of anaesthesia – Matt Rucklidge 2020

Local Anaesthetic Resistance – Fionn O’Laiore 2020

EBM 2.0 Dr Anand Senthi

Obstetric Cell Salvage – Q & A Drs Matt Rucklidge & Roger Browning

Gastric Ultrasound Dr Matt Rucklidge July 2020

Aortocaval compression: time to revisit some dogmas? Prof Mike Paech June 2020

Shivering during caesarean – all you need to know! Roger Browning June 2020

Key developments and future directions in Obstetric Anaesthesia – Prof Mike Paech May 2020

Presentation Skills – Dr Casey Parker May 2020

Prehabilitation – Dr Justin Hii May 2020

Obstetric Trauma – Dr Katrina Calvert April 2020

Lung Ultrasound Basics and COVID-19 Dr James Rippey

Epidural Neostigmine in labour analgesia – Dr David Brooke

Dr Andrea Atkinson – adventures with MSF in Africa

Dr Luke Torre – SCGH ICU planning for COVID 19

Dr Pia Kavanagh – management of phobias in healthcare

Dr Erik Andersen – The Mercy Ship Experience

Villains of anaesthesia – Dr Matt Rucklidge

The Ten commandments of oncoanaesthesia – Dr Mark Johnson

Dr Adam Mossenson the VAST anaesthesia simulation training project in Rwanda

Professor Roger Hart – Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

Noradrenaline during spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section – Sean Dwyer 2019

Depth of anaesthesia monitoring – Clare Fellingham 2019

Medicolegal issues in anaesthesia and medicine – AVANT lawyer Morag Smith – June 2019

The perinatal microbiome – Lisa Stinson June 2019

Back Pain – Peter O’Sullivan 2019

Bullying – Peter Garnett 2019

Time to Labour Epidural Analgesia an Audit: Dr Sneha Neppalli

Name and role on theatre caps – Dr Peter Garnett

Learning from excellence – Dr Trish Woods