131 Hyperkalaemia in Pre Eclampsia a discussion with Natalie Smith

As the DA you are paged to come to PACU to review a patient with pre-eclampsia who has just had a PPH and a repair of a perineal tear after delivering in labour ward. The O&G team ordered a VBG because she was febrile and they want to assess her lactate and start her on some antibiotics. The O&G registrar is concerned however because her potassium / K has come back as 7.8 mmol/L….

Join Natalie and I as we discuss the issue of hyperkalaemia specifically in the context of women suffering from pre-eclampsia. Why are they at risk of this important electrolyte abnormality and what are the principles of management?

We also review a recent paper addressing some of the myths surrounding the treatment of acute hyperkalaemia (thanks to Casey at Broomedocs.com for bringing this paper to our attention).

Useful References

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