022 – Medical podcasts and a quiz – a discussion with Graeme

Hi everyone,

Join Graeme and I this week where we discuss podcasts for medical education (& recreation). Find out who Alexander Hamilton was and what our favourite medical podcasts are and our personal take on this topic.

Want to get into some medical podcasts? Get yourself a good set of earphones, go onto your iphone and into the purple podcast icon (sorry Samsung and Android users Graeme and I can’t help you there):

Here are some of our favourite podcasts (in no particular order):

EMCRIT – Critical care and emergency medicine from NY City

ACCRAC – Anesthesia Critical Care Reviews and Commentary – From John Hopkins in the US

COG – conversations in Obstetrics and Gynaecology – From Queensland

BBC History – No Medicine here but Graeme loves it.

The Curbsiders – Internal Medicine topics in depth from the US

EDECMO – Cutting edge use of ECMO for cardiac arrest and critical care

Intensive Care Network – From The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne – gold!

Obsgynaecritcare – subscribe and give these guys a good review please!

To finish the podcast we have a quiz, a blood gas result which is posted below. I asked Graeme to read this out & briefly describe it to listeners – however he gets a little carried away and lets the cat out of the bag so I have had to censor him – I suspect this may not be the last time I have to do this…….


What does this blood gas show?

Please send in your comments – the first to correctly guess will get a mention on the show next week! Sorry we don’t have any T-shirts or mugs to give out so the glory of your name in print and on the show will have to do…..

See you next week!

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