056 – Part One – Ten Commandments of Oncoanaesthesia with Dr Mark Johnson

Hi Everyone,

This week I am joined by Dr Mark Johnson for part 1 of a two part series where we discuss the emerging field of onco-anaesthesia.

An increasingly enormous number of people every year undergo anaesthesia in order to have cancer surgery. Many different aspects of their surgical, anaesthetic and post surgical analgesic care are known to have effects on the immune system, the inflammatory response to surgery and some drugs act directly on receptors on cancer cells themselves. Is it possible or even probable that there are aspects of the techniques and drugs we use that could effect our patients long term cancer outcomes?


How Anesthetic, Analgesic and Other Non-Surgical Techniques During Cancer Surgery Might Affect Postoperative Oncologic Outcomes: A Summary of Current State of Evidence


Influence of perioperative anaesthetic and analgesic interventions on oncological outcomes: a narrative review


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