069 – Inaugural journal club June 2020

Hi Everyone,

This week is our first episode of our journal club to discuss interesting recent relevant research papers. We are hoping to do this on a regular basis interspersed amongst the other regular episodes where we choose a topic and explore it in detail.

In this inaugural episode I am joined by a couple of colleagues who have both been on the podcast before. We have decided to choose articles from IJOA – the International Journal of Obstetric Anaesthesia – a journal devoted to obstetric anaesthesia, critical care and perinatology. Prof Mike Paech is the chief editor, has been on it’s editorial board almost since it was first started in the 1990s and Dr Matt Rucklidge has also been a reviewer for the journal for a number of years now.

Mike explains the history of the journal and shares some insights of what it is like being a chief editor, and then we discuss four interesting articles from recent editions.


International Journal of Obstetric Anaesthesia https://www.obstetanesthesia.com/

1.Rocuronium Versus Suxamethonium for Rapid Sequence Induction of General Anaesthesia for Caesarean Section: Influence on Neonatal Outcomes

2. Lower-limb Neurologic Deficit After Vaginal Delivery: A Prospective Observational Study

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