083 – Micro alerts, MRSA, Vancomycin and antibiotics with Jodie & Claire

“Doctor did you know your next patient is a micro alert ?”

What does this mean? Do we have to suit up as if there has been an outbreak of Ebola? Will Cefazolin 2g suffice? I just pushed in the vancomycin as recommended – why is the patient now on noradrenaline?????

This week I am joined by Jodie Jamieson – an anaesthetic colleague and Claire Kendrick a pharmacist here at KEMH. We discuss the most commonly encountered microbiology alerts, especially MRSA and important safety points concerning some of the less commonly encountered antibiotics.

Thanks Jodie and Claire!

  • Note these are the microbiology alerts used in Western Australia – they will not be the same in other parts of the world!


Therapeutic Guidelines – https://www.tg.org.au

KEMH Clinical Guidelines for health professionals – https://www.kemh.health.wa.gov.au/For-health-professionals/Clinical-guidelines/OG

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