103 How to perform an epidural blood patch.

Hi everyone,

This week Sneha leads a discussion with both Matt and myself where we take a deep dive into how to actually perform an epidural blood patch. Even though you can’t really classify this as an uncommon procedure, as individuals we probably don’t do very many and it is hard for most of us to become experienced and “expert” (whatever that is defined as).

We discuss the evidence, the effectiveness, the practical considerations and some of the common problems / difficulties which may be encountered.

Thanks Sneha (for organising and leading this episode) and of course you too Matt!


Epidural blood patch: A narrative review – Anaesthesia Critical Care & Pain Medicine October 2022

Treatment of obstetric post-dural puncture headache. Part 2: epidural blood patch International Journal of Obstetric Anesthesia 2019

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