113 Highlights from the OA SIG Meeting Sydney part 1

Hi Everyone,

We have just returned from the Obstetric Anaesthesia Special Interest Group Satellite meeting held on May 3-4. I sat down two days after the meeting with Dr Matt Rucklidge (the convenor of this meeting and a colleague here at KEMH) and Prof Nuala Lucas one of the keynote invited speakers from the UK who is the president of the OAA UK (Obstetric Anaesthesia Association).

We discuss the highlights of this two day meeting and some of the takeaway learning points.

Thanks to Matt Rucklidge and Jane Brown who organised the speakers – an absolutely amazing line up of compelling speakers and topics!

Apologies for the audio quality – we didn’t have the usual microphones and had to record in a side room at the Sydney Convention centre at were unable to get away from the background elevator music……

Nuala flew straight from Sydney back to the OAA annual meeting this year being held in Edinburgh. If anyone is interested in attending any excellent Obstetric Anaesthesia meetings the OAA hold two very well regarded meetings held every year – see the links below:


Challenges and Choices in Obstetric Anaesthesia – Sydney Convention centre May 3-4 2023

Obstetric Anaesthetist’s Association OAA-UK – see links to their annual meetings

Moran, NF, Bishop, DG, Fawcus, S, Morris, E, Shakur-Still, H, Devall, AJ, et al. Tranexamic acid at cesarean delivery: drug-error deaths. BJOG. 2023; 130(1): 114– 117. https://doi.org/10.1111/1471-0528.17292

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