124 Journal club with Declan

Hi everyone,

Join us this episode – Declan and I have scoured the literature for a few interesting articles of varying degrees of quality! We had fun discussing these articles and hopefully you will also enjoy our discussion.

Hopefully we will make this a regular feature every 3-4 months!

Articles Discussed

1 – Effect of Dural-Puncture Epidural vs Standard Epidural for Epidural Extension on Onset Time of Surgical Anesthesia in Elective Cesarean DeliveryA Randomized Clinical Trial

In this RCT published in JAMA – the time to surgical anaesthesia was 4 min faster when topping up a dural puncture epidural in comparison to a standard epidural catheter.

2 – Neuraxial buprenorphine for post-cesarean delivery analgesia: a case series

This correspondence from the International Journal of Obstetric Anesthesia (IJOA) this year discussed the experience of a small hospital which decided to use neuraxial buprenorphine when there was a morphine shortage.

3 – There’s No Such Thing as “Nonjudgmental” Debriefing: A Theory and Method for Debriefing with Good Judgment

This classic paper from 2006 is a must read for anyone who is involved in debriefing and simulation in healthcare.

4 – Improving blood product management in placenta accreta patients with severe bleeding: institutional experience

This short report from IJOA 2023 describes the experience of blood product management in patients with placenta accreta spectrum disorder in a large tertiary referral hospital in Israel.

5 – Incidence of Interstitial Alveolar Syndrome on Point-of-Care Lung Ultrasonography in Pre-eclamptic Women With Severe Features: A Prospective Observational Study

This observational study from Analgesia & Anesthesia 2022 examined 70 women with severe PET with lung ultrasound and ECHO to assess diastolic dysfunction.

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