006 Iron Physiology

Hi again!

This is episode two in my mini tutorial series on patient blood management (PBM) in obstetrics and gynaecology.

This one is on the basics of iron physiology – I can hear you all yawning already!

However if you really want to know how to effectively treat anaemia with iron (oral, intravenous) and understand how to recognise and diagnose iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia (IDA) this is core knowledge….Give me 12-15min of your life and have a listen below – all of the mini tutorials which follow will make so much more sense you’ll be thankful you made this small investment!

Go to these sites they are great:

1 The National Blood Authority (NBA): https://www.blood.gov.au/patient-blood-management-pbm

2 Bloodsafelearning: https://bloodsafelearning.org.au/

Comments and feedback please!

Thanks for listening and see you soon with the next one!

Screencast version (recommended):


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