072 – Arnold Chiari malformations

You receive a call from an obstetrician: “I have a term patient booked for induction of labour this morning. She had an MRI of her brain 4 years ago after a car accident and was told she has an Arnold-Chiari malformation. She is very keen to have an epidural – can she have one?”

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This week Graeme is back and we sit down to discuss Arnold – Chiari malformations and having a baby – why all the fuss and controversy?


Anesthetic management of parturients with Arnold Chiari malformation-I: a multicenter retrospective study

Management of parturients in active labor with Arnold Chiari malformation, tonsillar herniation, and syringomyelia


Ghaly Chiari malformation decision guide – see article above

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  1. Hello. Can you plz type the name of the website where the obstetric anesthesia cases are discussed, particularly thr one with dilemmas. You mentioned the website belongs to german society of anesthesia.

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