115 Congenital bleeding disorders in pregnancy with Dr Anastazia Keegan

Hi Everyone,

This week we are joined by Dr Anastazia Keegan an obstetric haematologist and the head of Haematology at our Women’s hospital here in Western Australia. Join us as Anastazia educates us about congenital bleeding disorders in pregnancy – the common ones, Von Willebrands disease and haemophilia – and how to approach a woman with one of the many uncommon ones (which working in a tertiary referral centre are more common than you would expect).

Thanks for all the great advice and insights – we look forward to having Anastazia back in the near future for the lowdown on some more really important haematological conditions we encounter in women’s health.


Updated Australian consensus statement on management of inherited bleeding disorders in pregnancy. Med J Aust 2019; 210 (7):

Online Bleeding Assessment Tool ISTH-BAT

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