093 Post dural puncture headaches

Welcome to this podcast, the four in our series of obstetric anaesthesia basics. Join us for this conversation where we discuss the approach to a woman with a suspected or known post dural puncture headache. This follows our previous discussion of the incidence, significance and management of accidental dural punctures & intrathecal catheters, which you may want to listen to prior to this episode.

Thanks Laura, Matt & Roger!


The “Basics of Obstetric Anaesthesia” is a short series of podcasts, where we aim to discuss in a conversational manner the basic topics you will need to understand if you wish to practice obstetric anaesthesia. These will be especially useful to anaesthesia trainees new to obstetric anaesthesia but also may appeal to experienced practitioners wanting a refresher of the basics in this subspecialty area.

1 – Epidural analgesia in labour part 1

2 – Epidural analgesia in labour part 2, pitfalls and troubleshooting

3 – Accidental dural puncture and intrathecal catheters

4 – Post-dural puncture headaches and management

5 – Pre-eclampsia, eclampsia and hypertensive disorders

6 – General anaesthesia for Caesarean Delivery part 1

7 – General anaesthesia for Caesarean Delivery part 2

8 – Obstetric Haemorrhage

9 – Neuraxial anaesthesia for Caesarean Delivery

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