127 Maternal mortality reports with Dr Matt Rucklidge

A maternal death is always a tragic event for the mother, the child, the family and society at large. Unfortunately in some parts of the globe this is still a much too common event. Luckily for those of us living in higher resource countries it has now become relatively rare.

This week Matt and I sat down together to discuss the history of maternal mortality reporting, and all the useful knowledge we have been able to learn over the years from these important resources.

What are direct, indirect and coincidental maternal deaths? We touch on some aspects of the recent Australian reports and then go into depth on the long history of the UK reports which have many strengths such as their national funding, compulsory reporting, anonymous nature and very long history.

Thanks Matt


Maternal Mortality Report Australia

Maternal Mortality World Health Organisation WHO

MBRRACE-UK Maternal mortality reports UK

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