080 WOMAN trial narrative of 483 maternal deaths; discussion with Graeme.

Hi Everyone,

After over 2 months off Graeme and I back for our first podcast of 2021. In this episode we discuss some news and then dissect the recently published study which analysed the narrative descriptions of the 483 maternal deaths which occurred in the WOMAN study.

The WOMAN trial was a large randomised study of 20000 women suffering postpartum haemorrhage comparing tranexamic acid and placebo published in 2017. There were 483 maternal deaths in this study and each death was accompanied with a short narrative description of the circumstances surrounding the death. This study discusses some of the common themes which are encountered frequently in these narratives.


The WOMAN Study 2017 – Lancet website

The WOMAN trial: clinical and contextual factors surrounding the deaths of 483 women following post-partum haemorrhage in developing countries

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