031 – Perioperative acute pain management advice part 1 with Dr Sonya Ting

Hi everyone,

This week I am joined again by my colleague Dr Sonya Ting – where I attempt to pick her brains for some useful advice in managing difficult perioperative pain issues. Sonya’s first episode on the opioid epidemic has already taken first place on the podcast download list as the most popular episode so far!

Hypothetical Patient

A 50yr old woman is on your list and scheduled to undergo a laparascopic hysterectomy. You see her in the preoperative area:

Q – What issues / history should you explore to identify if this patient is at risk of perioperative pain issues?

Q – How are you going to explain to her the plan for her perioperative pain management, what are the goals and what strategies fo you use to manage her expectations?

Q – What communication strategies can you use, what about non-verbal and verbal communication?

Listen to Sonya and I discuss these issues on the podcast – and finally have a crack at the latest instalment of our quiz below:

Anaesthetist or Serial Killer? Quiz 4

Is the following person an anaesthetist or is he a serial killer (or perhaps is he both!) Massive bonus points available if you can actually name this individual!

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