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066 – HELLP Syndrome a discussion with Graeme.

A 28 yr old woman at 36/40 G2P1 presents with a few days history of mild headache, nausea, anorexia, and some upper right abdominal pain. You do some observations and some blood testing and find she has a BP 150/95, mildly hyperreflexic and bloods showing a Hb107, Plts 88, schistocytes on the film, raised AST / ALT /LDH and bilirubin.

Hi Everyone,

Acknowledging that we are still in the midst of a world wide pandemic we hope you are all safe.

This week we thought it would be nice to take a break from COVID related matters (which we are sure like us has invaded most of your minds over the last few months) and turn to a fascinating obstetric critical illness. Join Graeme and I as we discuss this interesting and serious pregnancy related condition. What causes this condition?What do they die from? What are the important differential diagnoses? How do we manage them?

We also share a few sh***e dad jokes, reminisce about ANZAC Day, the COVID pandemic and have another crack at one of our quizzes!

Doctor or serial killer?

Is This Person a Doctor or Serial Killer?? Leave a comment below

Bonus Points available if you can tell us their name!

One thought on “066 – HELLP Syndrome a discussion with Graeme.

  1. I suspect that he is a doctor, because he doesn’t look like a serial killer, but hey Harold Shipman didn’t look like a serial killer either. If he is a doctor he should know better though, the ills of smoking a pipe.

    Very informative and great to hear Graeme again.

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