066 – HELLP Syndrome a discussion with Graeme.

A 28 yr old woman at 36/40 G2P1 presents with a few days history of mild headache, nausea, anorexia, and some upper right abdominal pain. You do some observations and some blood testing and find she has a BP 150/95, mildly hyperreflexic and bloods showing a Hb107, Plts 88, schistocytes on the film, raised AST / ALT /LDH and bilirubin.

Hi Everyone,

Acknowledging that we are still in the midst of a world wide pandemic we hope you are all safe.

This week we thought it would be nice to take a break from COVID related matters (which we are sure like us has invaded most of your minds over the last few months) and turn to a fascinating obstetric critical illness. Join Graeme and I as we discuss this interesting and serious pregnancy related condition. What causes this condition?What do they die from? What are the important differential diagnoses? How do we manage them?

We also share a few sh***e dad jokes, reminisce about ANZAC Day, the COVID pandemic and have another crack at one of our quizzes!

Doctor or serial killer?

Is This Person a Doctor or Serial Killer?? Leave a comment below

Bonus Points available if you can tell us their name!

5 thoughts on “066 – HELLP Syndrome a discussion with Graeme.

  1. I suspect that he is a doctor, because he doesn’t look like a serial killer, but hey Harold Shipman didn’t look like a serial killer either. If he is a doctor he should know better though, the ills of smoking a pipe.

    Very informative and great to hear Graeme again.

    1. Thanks Kathryn!
      Sorry for the late reply – this individual is indeed a doctor – in fact to be specific, Dr Harold Leeming Sheehan – a pathologist from Liverpool who first described the syndrome of postpartum pituitary gland necrosis associated with postpartum haemorrhage. Graeme and I are planning an episode to discuss this interesting but rare condition soon!

      1. I have just seen this reply, after I heard you mentioning Harold Shipman in your most recent blog. Were you aware of his murderous history?

        1. Yes Kathryn Harold Shipman is possibly one the worst serial killers of all time – it was only this week putting together our Sheehan’s syndrome episode that we realised the unusual similarity in their names. Thanks for being the only person who had a crack at the last quiz!

          1. No problem Roger, I thought the whole similar name thing was very uncanny – Harold Shipman and Harold Sheehan.

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