008 Intravenous iron

Hi Guys,

Number 4 in the patient blood management in obstetrics and gynaecology mini tute series.

Intravenous iron – a relatively safe and effective treatment that can rapidly correct iron deficiency and anaemia, increasingly used in many of our patients.

But how much do you really know on this topic?

What are all these different preparations available? What are the risks / cautions / contraindications? What about anaphylaxis, skin staining and what the hell is the “Fishbane reaction!”

Give us only 11min of your time and you will be surprised how much more knowledge you’ll have on this topic!

Time to hone your knowledge!

If you want to be a real expert do the online package at www.bloodsafelearning.org

And to maximise your learning we recommend you have a good understanding of iron physiology and the principles of PBM first ….so if you haven’t already make sure you check out all the previous episodes:

  1. Patient blood management what is it?
  2. Iron physiology
  3. Oral iron



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