062 – The Changes I have seen in Obstetric Anaesthesia – Prof Mike Paech

Hi Everyone,

This week I am joined by Prof Mike Paech,

Mike has dedicated most of his career to both the research and practice of obstetric anaesthesia. Join us in this podcast where we sat down to discuss the myriad of changes he has witnessed in Obstetric Anaesthesia over his career.

We have now started an interactive poll where you the listeners can make suggestions to us about topics you would like to hear discussed! At this stage we are not making any guarantees but if there are certain topics that seem to be very popular and if we can find someone who feels empowered enough to talk on the topic we will see if we can make it happen! (If you can also supply someone to talk – even better – send us a separate email). Go to the home screen and scroll down to find the poll – see link below:

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