029 – Great cases discussed crash caesar in a patient with congenital heart disease and another quiz!

Hi everyone,

This week Graeme and I discuss an interesting case from the past involving a parturient with a partially corrected congenital heart condition who presented a bit of a conundrum in the middle of the night.

Before we get into the case discussion however we unpick the prospects for the football (soccer) world cup and admire the Iceland viking clap. Graeme does a bit of a “trump” when he attempts to bluff his way through our world cup conversation by first deploring the antics of the Italian team attempting to fake fouls and he then even picks the Netherlands to win! – and of course neither of these teams are even at the 2018 world cup! Fake news!


Finally to beef up this relatively short episode we have another quiz. Who is the person pictured below and why are they famous in the world of obstetrics? Once again no prizes but we will give you a mention on the next episode for a bit of brief internet fame!

7 thoughts on “029 – Great cases discussed crash caesar in a patient with congenital heart disease and another quiz!

  1. That is Professor Christopher B-Lynch who developed the compression suture of the same name!

  2. Professor B Lynch
    Responsible for B Lynch suture one of the surgical options for management of PPH ( thanks Grant O’Brien for your talk on this topic )

  3. First answer in : Well done Rebecca! Closely followed by Peter only 7min later, and Flora a commendable third.

  4. This is an excellent resource Roger- great job!
    Occasionally the sound quality is poor may be worth reviewing.

    1. Thanks Fiona – glad to hear you find it useful. I am aware setup I use for recording / editing sound works most of the time but then sometimes lets me down – not my forte but I have a colleague who I am hoping will be able to help me improve the situation!

  5. Hi Roger, really enjoying this resource, fond memories of my time at KEMH! I recall a patient Cat Goddard and I saw over a weekend with a Fontan circulation for a hypo plastic left heart and incidental ITP with platelets in the low 50s who presented around 28 weeks with an APH. Cue lots of head-scratching and although there was some time to make a plan for delivery, she bled further and had to be delivered by crash CS under GA. The lessons have stayed with me though and I have a little shunt aide memoire on my phone for those middle of the night calls!

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