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048 – After hours critical cases discussion about assembling a good team and communication.

Hi Everyone,

This week we have a great four person discussion around the importance of assembling the right team when confronted with a high risk complex case in the after hours period. Interesting points covered include still doing the team huddle and introducing everyone even at midnight, a detailed discussion around manual aortic compression – the IVC, and how to monitor effectiveness – and also using a posterior hysterotomy to deliver the fetus when everywhere else looks bad!

Thanks to IKEA for their contribution to our high tech podcast studio!

Thanks also Parvesh, Matt Epee-Bekima & Matt Rucklidge for this great discussion.

(* The patient discussed in this podcast gave us explicit written consent for her case to be used in this deidentified discussion)

High Tech Podcasting Studio (Thanks IKEA for your plastic bin!)


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